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> HK to scrap mask mandate Wednesday 香港特区3月1日起全面取消口罩令 Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu (left), accompanied by Secretary for Health Lo Chung-mau, speaks to the media ahead of an Executive Council meeting on Feb 28, 2023. [Andy Chong/China Daily] Hong Kong will lift its mask mandate on Wednesday, the city’s chief executive said on Tuesday. " 香港特区行政长官李家超28日上午宣布,香港3月1日起全面取消口罩令。 (The) time is right for the mask mandate to be scrapped," John Lee Ka-chiu said to the media on Tuesday before the weekly Executive Council meeting. 博鱼app“现在是时候取消口罩令了,” 李家超出席行政会议前会见媒体时说。 For high-risk venues such as hospitals and nursing homes, those in charge can require their staff and visitors to wear masks by issuing administrative instructions, he said. 他说,高风险地方例如医院和养老院等,负责人可以用“行政指令”方式要求职员及访客戴口罩。 The decision was made based on pandemic statistics, which show no sign of rebound, and the fact Hong Kong has already built an extensive community defense against COVID-19, Lee said. 李家超说,取消口罩令基于几点考虑,包括数据显示香港疫情受控、并无大的反弹的迹象;香港已建立广泛及全面防疫屏障。 The winter influenza season has also almost come to an end and the risks are under control, he added. 他补充说,冬季流感已临近尾声,风险可控。 > Companies try four-day week, 92% keep it 那些试行四天工作制的企业,现在都怎样了? [Photo/Unsplash] Findings from a pilot program were released by Autonomy after 61 British companies with around 2,900 workers were enrolled in a trial four-day work week, with employees working an average of 34 hours per week between June and December 2022 while keeping their existing salary. 2022年,英国智库Autonomy发起了一项四天工作制试点计划,共有61家英国公司,约2900名工人参与其中。在2022年6月至12月期间,员工们每周工作4天,每周平均工作34小时,同时保持现有的工资。 The pilot program has been hailed as a "resounding success" after employees reported improved well-being and a majority of participating companies said they would keep the change. 这项四天工作制试点计划被视为“巨大的成功”,员工表示,幸福感提高了,大多数参与公司表示他们将维持四天工作制。 Employees at companies that adopted a four-day work week without pay cuts said they were happier and healthier, while revenues did not fall. 实行四天工作制而不减薪的公司员工表示,他们更快乐、更健康,而收入并没有下降。 At the conclusion of the six-month trial, 56 of those companies, 92 percent, decided to stick with a four-day work week, and 18 did so permanently. 在六个月的试验结束时,61家公司中的56家(92%)决定坚持每周四天工作制,其中18家决定永久实行这一政策。 The companies that participated were from a wide range of sectors and sizes and were permitted to design a policy tailored to their own needs, with the only conditions being that pay was not cut and employees were given a "meaningful" reduction in work time. 参与研究的公司行业不同,规模不一,并可以根据自身需求设计每周工作四天的政策,唯一的要求是不减薪,并“实际”缩减员工工作时间。 A shorter work week was found to improve employees' well-being. 研究发现,缩短工作时间可以提高员工幸福感。 Before and after data showed 39 percent of employees reported feeling less stressed, while 71 percent had reduced levels of burnout at the end of the trial. 试点计划开展前后数据显示,39%的员工表示压力减轻,而71%的员工在试验结束时的倦怠程度有所降低。 Surveyed employees said they also felt less anxious, less fatigued and were sleeping better. 接受调查的员工表示,他们还感到不那么焦虑、疲劳,睡眠有所改善。 Employees also said their work-life balance improved, but the benefits were not limited to workers. 员工们还称,他们的工作与生活更加平衡,但四天工作制不仅仅给员工带来了好处。 Data also showed employees were much less likely to leave companies that participated in the trial program, with staff losses dropping by 57 percent in the trial period. 数据还显示,员工从参与试验的公司离职的可能性要小得多,在六个月的试验期内,员工流失率下降了57%。 Charlotte Lockhart, co-founder and managing director of 4 Day Week Global, said the results were encouraging and findings from similar programs around the globe would be forthcoming. 非营利组织“全球四天工作制”联合创始人兼总经理夏洛特•洛克哈特表示,试验结果令人鼓舞,全球各地类似试点项目的结果也即将出炉。 > Heart disease thought to be cause of giant panda Le Le’s death 旅美大熊猫“乐乐”死因初步确定!中方已准备接返“丫丫” An image of giant panda Le Le and some floral tributes are pictured at the Memphis Zoo in Memphis, the United States, on Feb 4, 2023. [Photo/Xinhua] According to a media release from the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens on Feb 26, the giant panda Le Le, who died last month at Memphis Zoo in the United States, may have succumbed to heart disease, a joint autopsy by Chinese and US experts has showed. 据中国动物园协会2月26日消息,中方赴美大熊猫专家组抵达孟菲斯动物园后与美方专家,共同完成了对大熊猫“乐乐”的尸体解剖检查,初步判定心脏病变是其死亡原因。 Experts of the two countries ruled out common diseases that may have caused Le Le's death, such as intestinal twist, aortoclasia and ruptured pyogenic liver abscess. 两国专家的解剖排除了导致动物意外死亡的如肠扭转、主动脉破裂、肝脓肿破裂或大出血等常见病因。 Based on the cardiac lesions they observed, the experts have preliminarily judged this was what caused the death of the panda. But further pathological diagnosis is still needed to confirm the cause. 根据他们观察到的心脏病变,初步判定这是致其死亡的原因,但需要进一步的病理检测结果确认。 Le Le, born in 1998, came to the zoo with a female giant panda, Ya Ya, in 2003. In December, the zoo said that the iconic duo would "make the journey back to China within the next few months" as the current giant panda loan agreement with the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens was coming to an end. “乐乐”出生于1998年。早在2003年,“乐乐”同雌性大熊猫“丫丫”一起抵达孟菲斯动物园开始旅美生涯,为促进中美两国大熊猫保护合作和人民友好交流发挥了重要的桥梁作用。去年12月,动物园宣布由于目前同中国动物园协会达成的租借协议即将到期,“乐乐”和“丫丫”计划在未来数月内返回中国。 Le Le died before that transfer took place, passing away in his sleep on Feb 3. 就在即将回国之际,孟菲斯动物园一位不愿透露姓名的发言人在2月初的一份报告表示,“乐乐”于2月3日在睡梦中安详离世。 At the same time, the expert team inspected Ya Ya, informing the zoo about the abnormal condition of Ya Ya's hair and making suggestions for the care of the giant panda. 博鱼app此次专家组前往美国,现场察看了“丫丫”的健康状况,并与孟菲斯动物园就丫丫毛发异常情况进行了讨论,并就大熊猫的繁育和护理向当地代表提出了建议。 China and the US are presently in the process of facilitating Ya Ya’s return to China. 中美双方正在积极协调和办理相关手续,争取早日将丫丫带回中国。 Find more audio news on the China Daily app. 来源:chinadaily.com.cn
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